Traveling North: 

Take Fairfax County Parkway (7100) to Reston
Turn Right onto New Dominion Parkway
Turn Left onto Reston Parkway 
At first traffic light turn Right into Bowman Green Drive
Bear Right to 11731 Bowman Green Drive. 

Traveling South:

Take Fairfax County Parkway (7100) to Reston 
Turn Left onto New Dominion Parkway 
Turn Left onto Reston Parkway 
At first traffic light turn Right into Bowman Green Drive
Bear Right to 11731 Bowman Green Drive. 

Traveling East and West: 

Dulles Toll Road (267) to Reston Parkway (North)
Take Reston Parkway to fifth traffic light
Turn Right Bowman Green Drive 
Bear Right to 11731 Bowman Green Drive. 


Khalsa Integrative Medicine, LLC​ 

11731 Bowman Green Drive 

Reston VA 20190 US

Phone: 703.326.0817

Fax: 703.326.0505

Office Hours: By Appointment Only.

Evening and Weekend appointments are available.


Call us at 703.326.0817 for an appointment.

Office Environmental Design

Dr. Darshan S. Khalsa, Medical Director of Khalsa Integrative Medicine, LLC is responsible for the architectural design which enhances his patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual resources through selection of environmentally friendly materials while creating a distinctive healing environment. Khalsa is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional. In his former career path as a registered professional engineer--Dr. Khalsa designed indoor air quality and energy conservation mechanical systems for hospitals and government buildings. 

The totality of the Khalsa Integrative Medicine clinic reflects the principles of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art built on the belief that Qi—the vital life force existing in all living things can be affected by an external environment. Harmony and balance are two crucial principles in Feng Shui design. Therefore, the elements used in decorating the interior space have been chosen to reflect the idea. Soft functional lighting with soothing sounds play integral parts in the clinic’s organic composition. The visual and auditory input creates a calming effect on all those who enter the clinic.

Natural and earth-friendly materials that are also non-toxic have been used throughout the clinic. Building elements, including paints, finishes, floor and wall materials were carefully selected with consistent attention to environmental responsibility. Furniture materials, upholstery and other fixtures also further reflect the clinic’s commitment to environmentally conscious choices for his patients.

Dr. Khalsa believes that healthcare is fundamentally about caring, offering compassionate, personalized care promotes vibrant health which supports vital longevity. Patients thrive in nurturing and healing environments. Khalsa Integrative Medicine, LLC was designed based on creating an atmosphere of trust focused on relationship-centered care which is an essential component of a healing community.